Stange interface

Mårten Holmqvist martenh
Thu Aug 11 06:40:30 PDT 2005


While trying to get WPA working with my wirless pcmcia card (Linksys
WPC11 v3) I updated my hostap drivers to 0.3.9 and also used
prism2_srec to flash my card.

I now have support for WPA and wpa_supplicant can access it and make it wrk.

However, an odd problem has occured after getting this set up;
When booting the computer my wirless card is detected as wifi0 OR
wlan0. It alternates between these two on more or less a per-boot
basis, however some times it might be the same for two consecutive

This gives me trouble automating wpa_supplicant and dhclient since I
can't know which interface name to use (wlan0 or wifi0).

Is there any reason hostap might cause this to occur, and can it be
circumvented in any way?

I'm fairly new to linux but just let me know what kind of data you
need to help me or which commands you might want me to run and I'll
get it for you.


PS. I also get an eth1 interface (I used to have a regular pcmcia card
as eth0) which seems to be a "waterd down" copy of the wifi0/wlan0

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