Seeing both wifi0 and wlan0

Deepak Saxena dsaxena
Thu Aug 11 00:53:22 PDT 2005


I am working on integrating HostAP into a custom kernel (2.6.10 
+ various patches all the way to 2.6.13-rc6) and I am ending up
with both wlan0 and wifi0 devices on my system. Changing a config
paramter on either via iwconfig changes it on the other, so they
are the same device, but I don't see how this is happening as the
only call to dev_alloc_name() is with "wifi%d" as the parameter.
I've done a quick grep of my udev rules too to make sure it is 
not at fault and don't find anything related to wifi or wlan. Has
anyone seen this before? 

FYI, I'm using the hostap code form Jeff Garzik's iee80211 branch
of the the netdev tree[1].


[1] See

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