wpa_supplicant in bridge mode

cathy cathyliu
Tue Aug 9 21:54:31 PDT 2005

Hi Jouni,

>  I need to porting wpa_supplicant with madwifi driver in Bridge Mode. 


> wpa_s->l2 = l2_packet_init(wpa_s->ifname, ETH_P_ALL,

> wpa_supplicant_rx_eapol, wpa_s); --> changed -->This can receive packet

> AP


And it will receive lots of other packets, too, and as such, it would

consume quite a bit of CPU.


> But...wpa_supplicant does not work well. 


Well, no. If ifname is br0, all the driver ioctls fail..

>> I forget to explain, In my case, the wpa_s->ifname is ath0.

>> So there is no ioctls fail.

>> But after the wpa_supplicant get the pairwise and group key

>> the wpa_supplicant will send disassociate packet to ap.

>> I don't know why this problem happen.


One way of working arund this is to open two l2_packet sockets. One for

wpa_s->ifname (e.g., ath0) and another one for bridge. wpa_s->ifname

must be pointing to the real wlan device, but EAPOL frames will be

received from the bridge interface


>>Do you mean that I have to modify l2_packet_init_libdnet and
l2_packet_init_libpcap functions.

>>l2_packet_init_libdnet(l2)--->use the real wlan device to send eapol
packet to ap

>>l2_packet_init_libpcap(l2, protocol)-->use the bridge device to receive

>>eapol packet from ap


Thanks for your help.


Cathy Liu


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