hostpad with mini-pci, wpa and 802.11g possible?

Matthias Lemke m
Sat Aug 6 16:08:19 PDT 2005


is somebody working with a wrap or soekris with mini-pci cards?

somebody building a AP (master) that works in wpa (not wpa2 = 802.11i, i
mean wpa = wep + tkip)?

Which mini-pci card can i use? i tried atheros, but on the faq from
madwifi you can read: wpa for client mode only :(

i know only intel centrino ipw2200 (hostapd dont support that i think) and
prism cards (only 802.11b, senao card).

so there is no way to use hostapd with 802.11g?
which 802.11b is best supported mini-pci?



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