firmware 1.7.4 only working for RAM DL

grcore grcore
Tue Aug 2 15:21:55 PDT 2005

Simon J. Rowe <srowe <at>> writes:

> Let me know if you get an answer, my Netgear MA401 is also unusable with the 
> hostap_cs module since flashing to 1.7.4.
> How do you use the wlan-ng driver to flash? I may try downgrading.

Actually I used Windows to flash back to 1.5.6, there are utilities out there
that will allow you to do this.  Beware though, XP-SP2 breaks some of these

After I have it flashed back to 1.5.6, HostAP will load fine. I then download
the 1.7.4 firmware via HostAP utilities:

prism2_srec -rp wlan0 rf010704.hex

The card works fine (for WPA etc) when I do this.  It just wont work if 1.7.4 is
"flashed" to the card...


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