HostAP with ralink card - might it work?

Tim Boneko tim
Sat Apr 23 08:39:15 PDT 2005

While trying to get rid of wep encryption in my wlan, i found the hostap 
project. I decided to just give it a try and installed the package 
(Debian 3.1, kernel I configured my wlan card (msi pc54g2 
with rt2500) as "wired" and configured all necessary options such as the 
interface name. This is what i found out so far:

When running wpa_supplicant (on the client) in debug mode, it complains 
about not finding a suitable AP - most probably because the rt2500 
driver doesn?t work in Master mode (yet). Nevertheless, "iwconfig" tells 
me that the client uses the hostap machine as AP, and the "Mode" entry 
switched itself from "Ad-Hoc" to "Managed".
Under circumstances i can?t really reproduce, hostapd tells me something 
like "releasing station [MAC address of the _client_] when i shut down 
wpa_supplicant on the client. However, hostapd doesn?t keep the clients 
from connecting, even with a bad password - it seems useless.

Is it any worth trying this any further? Has anybody gotten this to work 
with a ralink card, or is support for this planned?


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