hostapd + madwifi + external RADIUS mac authenication ONLY

Chris Kearns chris.kearns
Fri Apr 22 06:54:05 PDT 2005

I have spent many hours trying to get hostapd to authenticate client mac 
addresses off an external RAIDUS server (WITHOUT using WEP or WPA), and have 
had no success. I don't have access right now to the configuration files I 
used, but what I would like to know is if anybody has been able to do this 
with the madwifi driver?

To be specific, I have a linux LEAF box running on a WRAP board which acts as 
the Access point. It has an Atheros 5213 radios card running madwifi 1.3. It 
is able to connect to the external freeradius server, and log accounting 
messages into the radius log files. But it never seems to trigger a radius 
authenticate when a client associates. I have authenticating and accounting 
radius servers setup in hostapd.conf, and macaddr_acl=2.

Looking at the hostapd 0.3.7 code, the madwifi_new_sta function in the 
driver_madwifi.c doesn't do an authenticate unless we are using 8021x and 
WPA. What about plain old 80211 with no WEP or WPA?. Anyone got this working 
for hostapd and madwifi?

I have looked in the mailing list, the closest I saw was an unanswered 
question from joseph_chen subject "MAC address filter using hostapd with 
madwifi driver.  " posted on 2005-04-12 20:28.

I also saw a patch from Andy <wireless at wi...> subject "Re: madwifi 
authenticator not sending WPA IE?   " posted on 2004-11-30 01:57, but this 
uses 802.1x and the patch was against 25-Nov-2005 sources.

Any ideas?

Chris Kearns

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