wlan0sta and wlan0ap

Stefan Winter kickdown
Wed Sep 29 07:50:29 PDT 2004


about a year ago there were some postings about being in Master mode and 
simultaneously with a logical device wlanXsta in Managed mode. At some 
posting in June last year Jouni mentioned that there was some experimental 
code with old firmware that allowed this simultaneous operation. I am 
speaking of posting:

I wonder how the status of that experiment is? Did it ever leave its 
experimental state? And what specifically does "old" firmware mean? I have a 
card in possession that is an original "Lucent Orinoco" (really one of the 
first 11b ever) with a firmware of an alternate versioning scheme (something 
like 6.72 firmware or so). Would that be old enough? And is hostapd still 
capable of that sort of thing?


Stefan Winter

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