WEP and WPA?

Damjan gdamjan
Mon Sep 27 21:16:17 PDT 2004

> > So the dropping is in software. I'm thinking of a feature, not to drop
> > these frames, but to mark them as non-authorized (*) so that I could
> > process them with iptables for ex.
> > 
> > (*) is it possible to have a separate interface for authenticated
> > clients, and separate for non-auth., say wlanx0 and wlan0?
> > That way I could still REDIRECT non-auth users with iptables and show
> > them some info without allowing them more access.
> Yes, that should be possible. You may have some problems in convincing
> clients to associate with plaintext and and WPA with one AP
> configuration, since these modes have a conflict on the Privacy bit in
> the beacon frames. If the non-WPA clients are using WEP, this kind of
> combination should work fine.

Aha, "Privacy bit in the beacon frames", thats why someone suggested
that an AP should support two SSID's in order for this to work.

Does/can hostap support two SSID's with different settings?

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