trying to use wpa_supplicant with bonding driver

Brian J. Murrell brian
Thu Sep 23 23:06:38 PDT 2004

My laptop has both an 802.11b wireless and 100Mb/s wired interfaces.
After doing some reading it looks like what I want is a bonding
interface with them.  I want both interfaces to act as one, whichever
one is attached to the network, so that if I unplug the 100Mb/s
everything automatically switches to wlan.  I have that set up and half

When my 100M/b interface is plugged in, everything through bond0 works
just fine, however the wlan0 slave interface configured to use
wpa_supplicant is not configuring correctly with wpa_supplicant.  This
interface works fine with wpa_supplicant when used in a non-bonding
configuration so he basics seem to be met.

Here is the wpa_supplicant log from trying to set up with the AP while
being a bonded slave interface can be found at

I am using the latest on the 0.2.x cvs branch.

What is going wrong?


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