Can I use 801.1x but also allow plain connections

Damjan gdamjan
Tue Sep 21 00:01:34 PDT 2004

> > If I use hostapd with all the 802.1x security (Radius, EAP,dynamic keys),
> > what happens to stations that don't even try to authenticate? 
> > 
> > For example users that haven't set up, or even don't have supplicant
> > software. Is it possible to allow them access too. Ofcourse in that case
> > I'd like to limit them (with iptables) only to an info page, allowing
> > them to download and setup the supplicant software.
> > 
> > Is this possible with hostapd?
> No. hostap has no net device for unauthorized stations.

Is this impossible to add, planed feature or it was never considered?

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