hostapd cannot connect to kernel driver.

Jerry mrcool
Mon Sep 20 04:39:57 PDT 2004

CVS from 9/17/04, and kernel 2.4.21-144 (suse 9.0 stock), a pcmcia (hostap_cs) and a plx device (hostap_plx, and a atheros device as well).  wlan0 - Atheros, seems to work fine, wlan1 - pcmcia (200Mw Senaeo) AP w/1 client (<- my feed, use acl), seems to work fine, wlan2 - plx adapter w/normal power Zcomax clone (manfid 0xd601, 0x0005 not 200Mw <- my broadcast), works fine...

The problem is when i start hostapd on the wlan1 interface, I get "could not connect to kernel driver"  "hostapd : no private ioctl"  (<- or something quite similar to that, no ioctl, anyway).

At this point, i went ahead and got the last release (0.2.4) drivers/utils, and hostapd.  This seems to work ok.  

The firmware on the card in the plx adapter is rather old (1.3.9), but since i dont need WDS and otherwise it seems to work quite well, i havent bothered to update it.  Let me know if you wish any more info or want me to try something else.  I dont know if it is a problem, but i thought the developers should hear of this error (if it is one).

Good luck 

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