wap_supplicant only gets to "Sending EAPOL-Key 2/4

Matt McHenry jerith
Wed Sep 15 06:17:40 PDT 2004


	Using wpa_supplicant from CVS as of sunday, the problem is fixed.
I am now able to connect to my WPA AP with no problems.  Thanks very much
for the quick response and the patch!

> However, thanks for reporting this here, since this also showed a bug in
> wpa_supplicant: it should reject that kind of ReqIEs report and complain
> loadly about it.

> This truncated WPA IE ended up in wpa_supplicant using corrupted WPA IE
> in the msg 2/4. WPA APs are supposed to drop that kind of packets and
> are likely to deauthenticate the STA.

> I fixed this now in wpa_supplicant. I would appreciate it if you test
> the fix with your current setup that can generate this truncated IEs. In
> theory, this fix could even be enough to workaround the problem since
> wpa_supplicant tries to generate WPA IE itself when the driver does not
> report one. If the IEs match, the AP should allow authentication to
> continue.
> You can either get the fix for wpa_supplicant by downloading the latest
> CVS snapshot of the development version from http://hostap.epitest.fi/
> or by applying the attached patch to the version you are using.

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