Madwifi, wpa_supplicant and WE-17

Pedro Ramalhais ramalhais
Tue Sep 14 17:38:18 PDT 2004

On Wed, 2004-09-15 at 00:13, Nana Kofi Asumadu wrote:
> > Did you rebuild all components (kernel, madwifi modules, wpa_supplicant)
> > after having merged WE-17? Did wpa_supplicant build use correct header
> > files from madwifi (i.e., the ones from the version you are now using)?
> > 
> Yes, I rebuild all the components including the kernel, madwifi
> modules and wpa_supplicant after updating WE-17.  I rebuilt 
> wpa_supplicant using the current cvs of madwifi drivers.  WPA works
> fine with WE-16.  it's just WE-17 that I am getting that message:
> ioctl[IEEE80211_IOCTL_SETOPTIE]: Argument list too long
> Nana K. Asumadu

/* Check what user space is giving us */
                if(IW_IS_SET(cmd)) {
                        /* Check NULL pointer */
                        if((iwr-> == NULL) &&
                           (iwr-> != 0))
                                return -EFAULT;

                        /* Does it fits within bounds ? */
                        if(iwr-> > (descr->set_args &
                                return -E2BIG;

This might be it, if the -E2BIG did not come from the driver, it came
from this code in linux/net/core/wireless.c, which means that the length
you're setting in the wireless request is bigger than the size set  for
that IOCTL in the driver's struct iw_priv_args.
Pedro Ramalhais <ramalhais at>

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