Most stable firmware? -- high load?

nettie nettie
Tue Sep 14 08:03:37 PDT 2004

Hi again guys,

thanx to your and Jouni feedbacks I was able to download new firmwares 
on my Prism2.5 adapter, I'm testing the various versions and I just 
figured out that the latest firmware I was able to find v1.8.3 doesnt 
performs as good as others like the 1.4.9 which comes by default on my 
adapter. I'm not using professional software or hardware to evaluate 
them,  but as far as I can see the signal quality/stability using the 
latest firmware seems worse.

I'm trying to figure out which is the best primary/secondary firmware 
duo for your guys.

Reading the mailing list archive I noticed some people has very stable 
links running primary firmware 1.1.1 and secodanry firmware 1.7.4.

I'm also interested in real life experience using hostap with a large 
number of STA's, did you guys experienced any problems?

Thanx again.


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