PATCH: wired eapol receive/send

Gunter Burchardt gbur
Mon Sep 13 11:26:09 PDT 2004

> I applied this to hostapd now even though question about how to detect
> new devices is still somewhat open. This is a good starting point and
> allows people to start experimenting with the code. I verified that this
> works in my test setup and added an example configuration, wired.conf,
> that is quite minimal example of how to setup wired authenticator.

Great :) . Detecting stations isn't a problem anymore! I found a good
and clean solution for all wired related problems (detecting,
authorize, accounting). The solution is a kernel module im writing at
the moment. It has nearly the same ioctls like hostap driver to handle
stations. Internal it has a hook to netfilter to drop unauthorized
packets (pass new stations to user daemon) and accept packets from/to
authozied station. I hope first version will be ready end of the week.


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