Flash primary firmware

nettie nettie
Mon Sep 13 07:24:49 PDT 2004

Hi Matt,

thanx a lot for your feedback, I'm using the -r option to download the 
primary firmware on ram rather then on flash. When I try downlaoding it 
to flash I have IOCTL problems! When I download to flash I use a PK file 
as you suggested me. Of course I have enabled FLASH DOWNLOAD in 
hostap_confgi.h and recompiled.

Any idea? -- Thanx

 > srec summary for ak010104.hex
 > Included file name: AK010104.HEX
 > Component: 0x0015 1.1.4 (primary firmware)
 > Downloading to volatile memory (RAM).
 > OK.
 > Components after download:
 >    NICID: 0x8013 v1.0.0
 >    PRIID: 0x0015 v1.0.7
 >    STAID: 0x001f v1.8.3

As indicated by the output the primary firmware you are loading is a RAM
based firmware, rather than a firmware to be written to the flash memory
on the card.

You can also tell this by the filename (af indicates RAM based), for a
flash based firmware you want something starting with p (eg

Jun Sun's mini HOWTO at http://linux.junsun.net/intersil-prism/ seems to
be the definitive reference for this sort of thing.



Matt Brown
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