Configuring PEAP w/ ndiswrapper

Giridhar Pemmasani giri
Fri Sep 3 12:57:06 PDT 2004

On Fri, 3 Sep 2004 07:06:07 -0300 (ADT), Donald Teed <dteed at> said:

  Donald> with wpa_supplicant.  Based on how we have seen a world of
  Donald> difference in ndiswrapper stability between the truemobile
  Donald> 1300 and 1350, I'm ready to assume that we can't just say
  Donald> "broadcom works" because the same brand and series chipset

Again, ndiswrapper doesn't talk to the hardware. It is only a wrapper
for Windows functions. And yet again, there is no point bringing up
ndiswrapper issues on this list! Since you seem to follow this list,
let me clarify: If you followed ndiswrapper-general list, someone
mentioned that 1350 works but not when booted on battery. But
ndiswrapper can't address that problem.

  Donald> was a sucess for someone else.  I don't think anyone has had
  Donald> a sucess in wpa_supplicant with any broadcom mini-PCI
  Donald> component (please correct me if I'm wrong).

See for a
number of Boradcom cards working with WPA.

  Jouni> have seen so far indicate that either the IEEE 802.11
  Jouni> association is not succeeding or EAPOL packets are not being
  Jouni> received at all.

I have encountered this problem myself with specific cards and
routers. After a bit of trial and error, I found that if the transmit
rates of card and router don't match, either the card won't see EAPOL
packets (I didn't use any sniffer, so I may be wrong about the reason)
or the handshake won't complete (it won't see response for 2nd step in
4-way handshake). So far, I have been able to get around this problem
by forcing 802.11b speeds in NDIS settings (different cards have
different ways of doing it, so unfortunately you have to figure out
how to do that by looking at the INF file). 


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