Resets and kernel freezes

Ondrej Zima amiandrew
Fri Oct 29 01:43:44 PDT 2004

Milan Krcmar wrote:
> Hello Jouni, hi everybody,

Hi Milan.

> - Do I still have to watch for card's functionality by generating some
>   traffic and "iwpriv wlanx reset 1" it when it fails to communicate?
> - Is the above mentioned reset command fatal with some probability to
>   the kernel (i.e. does the kernel freeze when I reset my card several
>   times).

I asked for these issues too and didn't get any answer - positive or negative. For true, I didn't get any answer. It looks this issues are not so serious to deal with it.

I only discover if I disable ALC, the functionality is realy better.
I created some scripts to check the state of cards so if you want, please contact me on my private mail.

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