How can I check the power output of the wireless card in the accesspoint???

Afsaneh Sattari asattari
Tue Oct 19 15:23:36 PDT 2004


Would you pls help me to know how I can check  the power output of the 
wireless card in the accesspoint usign hostAp.

The reason is during my test I ahve noticed that the receiver computer  
does  not receive the signal  while the distance goes further than  34 
meter. I have checked and tested and verified that the reason is not 
because of line-of-sight or atenuation due to the corner in corridor. I 
was thinking that because the access point we are using 
was"artificially" created (with a PCMCIA wireless card, a linux computer 
and software) instead of using a real access point, maybe the power 
output of my access point is lower than the one from a real access 
point. I suspect that?s the case because the wireless card is intended 
to be used in a pc computer and must use minimum power (which is a 
constraint in the computer). To check this, I have to verify the power 
output of my PCMCIA wireless card and compare with the power output of a 
real access point. Do you have any idea that might help me in this issue .

Thank you very much

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