'client role' active probing selective channel anytime ?

Colas GRONIER cgronier
Tue Oct 19 09:33:01 PDT 2004

I think you can use the "prism2_param" script with the option "ap_scan"
to regularly scan channels

 "ap_scan: interval (in seconds) between passive AP scans on different
                channels, 0 = disabled (default)"

but i do not think that it is possible to scan only some channels


sevesdion wrote:

> Greetings!
> My hostAP works as client role now, some problems confuse me these days.
> (in these case, hostAP acts as client role.)
> 1. How can i do active probe anytime?
> ie. at command line, what command can i use for active probing.
> 2. Can i active probe optional channel?
> ie. my favorite channel is 1,6, and  11. Each time, when i want to do 
> probe, i only scan channel 1, 6 , and 11.
> Furthermore, i can just scan channel 1, in order to save probing delay.
> how can i do that?
> Any help would be apprieciated! Thanks,
> sevesdion. J.
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