Verify WPA success?

Maxim Burgerhout maxim
Sun Oct 17 09:30:38 PDT 2004

On Thursday 07 October 2004 06:38, Jouni Malinen wrote:

> ( ...) 
> Please let me know if any information here is unclear and I'll try to
> make it more understandable (or, well at least document this in the
> wpa_supplicant README).

Thanks for the reply and sorry for my late one! It was very useful for me, 
though it leaves one last question. If I do a 'iwlist key' command, I get a 
list of four keys. To start off with, three of these are labled 'Off'. 
Eventually, more keys are generated (so I understand it from your post), so 
more keys will be listed.

My question is this: even though more keys are generated - nice, long 256 bit 
keys :) - the label which says 'Currently in use' (or something like that, 
I'm not working wireless atm) always says '1'. I hope I misunderstand when I 
think this means only the first key is ever used. Do I?

Apart from that: anyone know how the work on the prism54 part is coming along? 
I'm itching to buy one of those...

Thanks again,


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