Changing one redundant bit in 802.11b packets

RUPINDER gill goldygill
Sun Oct 17 00:02:24 PDT 2004


 I am a research student and i am trying to figure out
a way to tag 802.11b packets (all control, management
and data frames in BSS mode) for identification
purposes by changing few redundant bits in the packet.
 I need only one bit changed for accomplishing this
(for now).  

The only bits i found suitable for this purpose are
the highest bit of the two bits belonging to Frame
control->Protocol field and the lowest bit of the 2
byte Duration field.  

I am leaning more towards using the  Duration field as
i am not  really sure how different firmwares would
react to non zero protocol field. 

I was wondering if its possible to use hostap to set
some of the duration field bits. Looking at the driver
code (ver 0.1.3), prism2_send_mgmt function in
hostap_ap.c can probably be the function to modify ?

I need the driver to modify packets when run both in
AP and STA mode. Is it possible ? I am using D-Link
DWL-650 card.

Thanks in advance


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