ipw2100 and WPA

jonr at ninestar.com jonr
Fri Oct 8 14:17:45 PDT 2004

Quoting Pedro Ramalhais <ramalhais at serrado.net>:

> Hi!
> On Fri, 2004-10-08 at 03:06, jonr at ninestar.com wrote:
> > Ok, I have been trying to figure this out for a couple of days now
> without
> > success. I have been reading and have a few questions that I can't find
> the
> > answers for.
> > 
> > I am using wpa_supplicant 0.2.4 with the ipw2100 internal using
> ipw2100-0.55 driver.
> > 
> > 1. Do I need the hostap driver with version 0.55?
> Yes. Why are you asking?
> > 2. If my .config file in the wpa_supplicant directory has
> > CONFIG_DRIVER_IPW2100=y does this actually add my card into the build of
> > wpa_supplicant?
> Did you patch wpa_supplicant with the ipw2100 patch?
> > 3. Can I use the WAP54G from linksys to connect using WPA?
> Yes, i have a WAP54G an it works both with TKIP and CCMP(AES)
> > Thanks for any help,
> > 
> > Jon
> Look at the commands in this file:
> http://www.uninova.pt/~pmr/files/WPA/WPA-HOWTO-script.sh
> -- 
> Pedro Ramalhais <ramalhais at serrado.net>

Thanks Pedro,

I was asking because someone told me that I didn't need to use it with the 0.55
driver. Yes I did patch wpa_supplicant with the ipw2100 patch and I downloaded
the script last night and am going to try and set it up after this email. :)

I also have joined the ipw2100 mailing list because I joined this one by mistake
and was told my questions would be better suited for the ipw2100 list.

But....I want to thank you and Alejandro for at least answering my questions
even though I should be asking on the other list. Thanks Guys!


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