Using WEP in managed mode

Owen B. Mehegan owen
Mon Oct 4 11:39:23 PDT 2004

I'm using the hostap driver with my Senao wireless card. It works great 
for connecting to open access points, but I've been stumped trying to 
connect to my Linksys AP which requires 64 bit WEP. I see that WEP 
passphrases are not supported, so I have to give the driver the key in 
hex. Looking at the AP's config page, here are the keys as set currently:

Key 1: 244963698C
Key 2: F3FC1076CF
Key 3: D775A75FFA
Key 4: D474777C37

I tried various combinations of iwconfig and hostap_crypt_conf to get 
WEP working, but in every case my card would not associate with the 
access point. I have yet to find any sort of step by step instructions 
for using this feature; could someone provide some? Many thanks,


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