crosscompiling hostapd for madwiwi

Steffen Pfendtner steffen
Mon Oct 4 08:22:37 PDT 2004

> Which version of uClibc are you using?


>  What command do you use to
> compile hostapd? I have compiled hostapd successfully to number of
> different targets, including i386-uclibc, by just running something like
> 'make CC=path_to/i386-linux-uclibc'.

yes excactly like that with some -g and -I

> Do you have strace on your target? That might provide another viewpoint
> at what is failing. I'm assuming that hostapd does not print out
> anything useful even with full debugging enabled (-ddd on command line).

If tried trace ddd and ltrace, same results.
hostapd is not printing a single error line, not even in trace.

The strange thing is I was crosscompiling with -g but the gdb on the 
target did not find any debugging symbols. Thats why I put my development 
system on my target.


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