problems with modprobe hostap_pci and other

Pavel Roskin proski
Wed Mar 31 13:39:45 PST 2004

On Wed, 31 Mar 2004, ultan lankford wrote:

> i then put it in the etc/modules.conf under alias wlan0 hostap_pci and
> it began to startup in bootup but then i couldnt connect to the
> LAN/internet with my wired eth0

See the output of ifconfig and route.  Maybe wlan0 gets an address in the
same subnet as eth0 and becomes the default gateway.

> also on boot up i get a message that says "module cant locate p80211.o
> module and comes up as failed whats the story with this??

p80211.o comes from linux-wlan-ng, another driver for Prism cards.  You
don't need it with hostap.  If you quoted the exact message instead of
rephrasing it I could give you a better answer.

> so am i nearly there installing this because ive been at it the last 3
> days. is it in access point mode when i do the modprobe accessap_pci, if
> it is great but if not how can i get it going(havent tested it yet from
> a wireless client)

I don't know what accessap_pci is, but it has nothing to do with hostap.
Ask in the mailing list for that software.

This document may be useful for you:

Pavel Roskin

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