hostapd + peap

jeff pickering jpickering
Tue Mar 30 07:13:52 PST 2004

Im trying to run hostapd with free-radius to authenticate an XP 
supplicant using
PEAP. I get the eap state machine to succeed, get a key from the radius 
but never get an EAPOL_KEY sent by hostapd. Putting some trace in the 
eap key
state machine, I see that sm->auth_key_tx.state is never 
So no key is ever sent.  The possbilities that come to mind are:

- A key should not be sent and hostapd is operating correctly. This 
seems unlikely since
  XP waits a few seconds then sends a deauth. (I also have a commercial 
AP that sends a key).
- My hostapd.conf is somehow incorrect.
- There is something about PEAP that is different from other EAP methods 
described in the hostapd
   README as being tested.

Of course I could be missing something....

Does anyone have any experience with PEAP or have any ideas I could try 
(coding included) ?


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