modifying beacon contents

Mustafa C. Kuscu Mustafa.Kuscu
Mon Mar 29 02:24:36 PST 2004

Hi all,

I'm using hostap-driver-0.2.0 and respective user-level components.  In
order to experiment with the capability info field, i'd like to be able to
use one bit of the capability information field of the beacons/probe
responses/assoc frames exclusively for my interests, e.g. using bit 8 as
mybit, which currently looks to be a reserved bit.

In other words, the problem is how to change the beacons/probe responses
etc to reflect the change to the capability info field. I see two symbols
"capability" and "capab_info" but I could not find the function that
generates the beacons, which probably resides in the card. Then, is there
an interface to play with the beacon parameters?

I am wondering if this type of modification to 802.11 management frames is
supported by hostap. Otherwise it would need a firmware-level hacking.

Any suggestions?


     Mustafa C. Kuscu
     Computer Science and Electrical Engineering
     University of Maryland, Baltimore County

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