sm->keyAvailable only set after rekeying

Pavel Roskin proski
Wed Mar 24 19:10:11 PST 2004


If I set non-zero wep_rekey_period in hostapd.conf, sm->keyAvailable in
eapol_sm.c is 0 until the first rekeying.  For the default
wep_rekey_period=300 that's 5 minutes until sm->keyAvailable is set.  If
wep_rekey_period is 0, sm->keyAvailable never becomes 1.

eapol_sm_alloc() sets sm->keyTxEnabled to 1 (TRUE) if the WEP key is
enabled.  However, sm->keyAvailable is set to 0 (FALSE) until next
rekeying.  There is a comment above that code:

/* IEEE 802.1aa/D4 */

Search for "802.1aa/D4" doesn't bring anything interesting.  I understand
it's an issue concerning ordering of the Success and EAPOL-Key frames.

This may or may not be a bug in hostapd.  I have bigger issues until I
can check it.  However, I see that keyAvailable is set to TRUE only in two
places - ieee802_1x_get_keys(), which requires RADIUS, and
hostapd_rotate_wep(), which is run only by the timer.

Pavel Roskin

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