WEP encryption for WDS links

Bod Grodon xkremator
Sun Mar 21 02:02:44 PST 2004

Would anybody of you guys please answer my question -
According to hostap README, wds links are "insecure".
For me as for not too much experienced with WDS this
might mean that the prism hardware/driver is leaving 
WDS packets unecrypted. Is that true?
So when I apply the WEP key on say wlan0wds0 by
'iwconfig wlan0wds0 key s:xxxx:' does it mean that the
key is in fact not in use? And the traffic between the
APs is not encrypted?

I am asking the question because I was confused with
the README text, wds section. The text's statement is
"wds packets must be ecrypted in software". Oh-oh, I
think, what a surprise! :) Or, is that only a
precaution of not to use WEP with WDS (just becase wep
keys may be decoded by capturing and analysing the

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