60km link with Host Ap driver in Ad-Hoc mode

Marin Iakimov miakimov
Sat Mar 20 12:05:19 PST 2004


I've used Host AP to set a link at distance of 60km. But here is the problem, when i set the link ( when i give iwconfig wlan0 rate 11M ) to 11Mbit the speed is about 60K, but when i set to 1M it's about 20K. A guy told me that i can reach speed of 300-400K. 
So my question is - Is that possible , and if it is how can i set this ??? 

Some info : 
1. Cards are Senao 2511CD + EXT2 + Ricoh bridge, 
2. Antennas are 1.5 meters in diameter, 
3.I use HostAP driver 0.0.3 with the patch for txpower ( txpower set to 128 , 128 being the maximum txpower ), acl 0. 


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