Hostap/SMC2602W interoperability problem

Mike Buckley mbuckley
Mon Mar 22 19:26:03 PST 2004

I get these messages with or without WEP enabled.  The system with the
AMD Alchemy is kernel 2.4.20.  I had kernel 2.4.18 and it still did the
same thing.
System with hostap is 2.4.20-8.  Hostap version is 0.2.0 (Stable). Card
used is DWL520 Rev E (The one that has to be firmware loaded each time)
output from kernel log on system with SMC2602W V3 (AMD Alchemy):
MACINTERFACE No msg in msg queue da73f780.
--End of output--
This message repeats typically 87 times.

output from kernel log on system running hostap in Master (Hostap) mode:
wifi0: invalid skb->cb magic (0x74736f68, expected 0xf08a36a2)
--End of output--
This message repeats from 8 to 25 times

Also the same number 0xf08a36a2 is present each time in the invalid
magic message.  The first number 0x74736f68 changes.
It seems like when this error occurs, my wireless connection lags.  It
really noticeable in quake3.  The game will say connection interrupted
couple of minutes or so.  Any ideas?  Thanks for any help.


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