newest firmware for prism 2 cards (1.7.1 runs weird)

Santiago Garcia Mantinan hostap
Fri Mar 19 21:14:13 PST 2004


I used to run secondary firmware 1.5.6 on my old cards which have primary
firmware 0.3.0, the latest available for them, the cards are old prism cards:

NIC: id=0x8002 v1.0.0
NIC: id=0x8003 v1.0.0

This week I have tested the 1.7.1, the latest I have found for them, and I
found that it behaves weirdly, I cannot explain well what I saw, but I'll

After the card insertion everything looked fine, no weird mesages, no weird
behaviour, wavemon seemed to show stable reception levels and everything
looked ok.

When I started to do big downloads wavemon seemed crazy, the values it was
showing weren't coherent at all, bars going all the way up and down all the
time. When I stopped transfer wavemon was back to normal again.

During the test no weird message was shown and nothing weird was seen except
for two things, the wavemon behaviour and the speed being slower than with
1.5.6 and transfer speed was not stable.

Well, I was wondering if anybody else has experienced similar problems and
if there is a newer version for old cards or we should stay with 1.5.6 :-?

Manty/BestiaTester ->

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