reconnect problem

Peter peter
Wed Mar 17 03:52:06 PST 2004


i tested your patch. results:

windows xp (linksys driver): station reassociates and everything seems
to work fine.

linux (hostap): station reassociates, pairwise key handshake works, but
no group key handshake. instead the station station starts reassociating
after every pairwise key handshake. but i would guess that this a
problem in wpa_supplicant or the hostap driver.

thanks alot,

p.s.: implementing a kick after the error was much less work than
understanding the wpa initialisation/resetting would have been ;)

On Tue, 16 Mar 2004 18:18:37 -0800
Jouni Malinen <jkmaline at> wrote:

> The issue is real, but this fix is not correct. PTK is supposed to be
> cleared on new IEEE 802.11 authentication and (re)association frames.
> There is a related FIX comment in hostapd/wpa.c wpa_event_reauth()
> function. However, PTK needs to be cleared both from the driver and
> from hostapd. I have not verified, whether this is the only place that
> requires such a change. The following (untested) patch is one part of
> the fix, but it might not be enough. I need to take a closer look at
> this once I get back home, but this is something that could be tested
> meanwhile.

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