Prism54 driver in Linux 2.6.5-rc1

Jean Tourrilhes jt
Tue Mar 16 09:49:46 PST 2004

David Goodenough wrote :
> I see that the Prism 54 code has just been merged into 2.6.5-rc1, its a shame
> that hostap is not in there with it.

	People are hard at work on the subject, especially Jouni, so
you may want to respect their hard work. The Prism54 integration only
happened because of the coordination of various people, and this work
was started a while back. If you did follow the discussion, you would
see that we are making progress with HostAP as well, but the issues
are a bit more complex.
	Note that as far as I am concerned, merging is not an event
but a process, which doesn't end when the driver is in the kernel.



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