weird bridging problem

Pedro Ramalhais ramalhais
Tue Mar 16 01:41:53 PST 2004

I'm experiencing a weird problem with hostap and bridging.
my setup:

wired1 -> bridge1 -> hostap managed (kernel 2.4.21/hostap 0.1.3 or cvs)
                       | (wireless)
wired2 -> bridge2 -> hostap master (kernel 2.6.3/hostap 0.1.3)

Any packet sent from wired1 and pasing the wireless link will get dropped
by the hostap driver running in master mode:

wlan0: dropped received packet from non-associated STA 52:54:00:e8:65:a2
(type=0x02, subtype=0x00) handle_ap_item - data frame
wlan0: Could not find STA 52:54:00:e8:65:a2 for this TX error (@18413321)

52:54:00:e8:65:a2 the MAC-address from a machine connected to wired1.

How can i debug/fix this even further?
Any help/ideas are welcome.
Pedro Ramalhais
ramalhais_ at
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