Cisco Aironet 340 client, W2k SP4, and 802.1X

Antti Mäkelä zarhan
Mon Mar 15 08:43:45 PST 2004

  I've set up a Linux box with hostapd, station firmware version 1.7.1.
The hostap driver works fine and clients get connected (even with static

  However, when I try to use hostapd to activate 802.1X, i get an error

"Unsupported authentication algorithm (128)" (STA is the Aironet's MAC

  The hostapd.conf has a setting for "WinXP workaround", but it probably
does not apply here. It's kind of weird, because if I have understood
correctly this error message should only appear when you have disabled
open or shared key authentication, but even so, the number should be
either 0 or 1...

  I'm using hostap-drivers, utils and hostapd 0.1.3.

  The client is running Windows 2000 SP4 (Which has 802.1X support) with
Cisco's Aironet utility and drivers from Nov-2003 (the latest available).

  I can send more debug logs if necessary, but I would appreciate any

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