hfa384x_get_rid problems.

nettie nettie
Fri Mar 12 17:19:27 PST 2004

Hi guys, I'm running gentoo 1.4 with vanilla kernel 2.6.3 and an Orinoco 
gold pcmcia card built-in in my laptop (kinda strange but it's a pmcica 
not a pci card). When I cardctl insert the "card" I stard getting a lot 
of errors, all of them related to hfa384x_get_rid.

The first error I receive is:

hfa384x_get_rid CDMCODE_ACCESS_WRITE failed (res=127, rid=fc33, len=2)

and so on.. for every action iwconfig try to accomplish (setting wep key 

iwconfig --version shows me I'm running version 27 which seems very 
updated.. the orinoco firmware is v8.72 which is updated too.

I'm definitely lost.. :( anyone can hook me up please?

Thanks a lot in advance.



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