Best Firmware/Driver to use for outdoor links?

Jerry mrcool
Thu Mar 11 19:34:20 PST 2004

Im using 0.1.2 for my links.  one is a Managed mode 12ish mile link, using
SMC2532w (200Mw) in an ISA pcmcia adapter.  and other (in the same computer)
is a Engenius 200Mw in a PLX adapter broadcasting (AP).  I dont have too
many clients on the machine yet, but have had no problems that i have
noticed from either the Managed mode link, or the AP.   firmware is all
1.7.4.  Further... stock SuSE 8.0 2.4.18. (yea, i know, old... but the comp
on a tower isnt conducive to building a custom recent kernel, at least NOT
for me).  The other end of the link is a hardware (orinoco) AP with a 100Mw
(ydi) Amp, and 18Db grid.  Antenna at this end is a 24Db Grid.  I dont have
any problems with signal, even with the KS winds...(so far, anyways...)


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