iwspy with 0.1.3 doesn't work?

Ryan Verner xfesty
Thu Mar 11 18:34:59 PST 2004

On 12/03/2004, at 12:42 PM, Jean Tourrilhes wrote:
> 	This is not what iwspy is supposed to do. The fact that Jouni
> subverted iwspy in some older version of HostAP doesn't change this
> fact.
>> The iwspy manpage just tells me to use it the way I am, and I can't 
>> see
>> anything relevant in the iwlist manpage.
> 	The iwspy man page will tell you that it doesn't provide the
> functionality you want.
> 	The iwlist man page (in wireless tools v25) will provide you
> the proper way to get this information.

Ok, maybe it's because I haven't had my morning coffee, but I can't see 
a single thing in iwlist's manpage that does what I want (what iwspy 
'did', even it was broken behavior).

Mind pointing it out?




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