iwspy with 0.1.3 doesn't work?

Ryan Verner xfesty
Thu Mar 11 17:50:15 PST 2004

On 12/03/2004, at 3:59 AM, Jean Tourrilhes wrote:

> Ryan Verner wrote :
>> iwspy doesn't seem to work on 0.1.3.  I'm running wireless-tools from
>> Debian Sid (v026), and if I type in iwspy wlan0, I get:
>> wlan0     No statistics to collect
>> I tried compiling wireless-tools v025, but it didn't help.
>> I'm using kernel 2.4.25.
>> Any ideas?
> 	> man iwspy
> 	> man iwlist

I'm not sure I understand.  For example:

root at netbox:~# iwspy wlan0
Warning : Device wlan0 has been compiled with version 13
of Wireless Extension, while we are using version 12.
Some things may be broken...

wlan0     Statistics collected:
     00:90:4B:D0:CF:AD : Quality:88/92  Signal level:-22 dBm  Noise 
level:-39 dBm (updated)
     typical/average   : Quality:0  Signal level:0  Noise level:0

This is on a Debian woody system with 2.4.19, and hostap around the 
0.1.1 mark from CVS, acting in Master mode.  It'll show me all clients 
connected, which is very handy for testing.

The iwspy manpage just tells me to use it the way I am, and I can't see 
anything relevant in the iwlist manpage.



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