Best Firmware/Driver to use for outdoor links?

Ryan Verner xfesty
Wed Mar 10 04:53:35 PST 2004


I've asked this before, didn't get much of a response, but I'll ask 
again; what firmware/hostap driver/version of wireless-tools are people 
using for outdoor links - both with 30mW PCI-style cards and the 200mW 
PCMCIA cards?  I notice each factor can make a huge difference to link 

I'm currently using firmware(s) 1.7.4/1.1.1, a CVS snapshot of hostap 
around the 0.1.1 mark, and v25 wireless tools for outdoor links which 
seems quite stable for <5km links.  I notice incompatibilities between 
various things though sometimes; i.e. the version of wireless-tools in 
Debian Sid seems not to like the latest hostap stable tarball very much 
(things like iwspy don't work *at all*, and iwconfig reports incorrect 
values), and the latest hostap (cvs) seems to do really wierd things 
such as disassociate randomly or decide it doesn't want to work on some 
boots (what's with the wifi0 duplicate interface now, anyway - should I 
use a cvs version of wireless-tools?)

Can anybody here share their experiences/recommendations?




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