List consensus: best bang/buck PCMCIA card for HostAP usage?

Jerry mrcool
Sun Mar 7 06:39:24 PST 2004

   Howdy all!

I would have to choose the Senao cards over the rest.  I use both Senao and
Zcomax cards.  (in the engenius and SMC flavors).  and have had no problems
with the Senao cards.  I have lost 2 SMC (Zcomax) cards from something, i
dont know what.  They just STOPPED broadcasting.  Drivers still load,
interfaces are created, and you can even flash firmware...But unless you are
right next to them, no traffic is passed. Its as if the amplifier on them
has blown.

I dont know, but im thinking this was a fluke though.  Perhaps a bad run at
the factory... The MAC addresses on the cards are sequential, so they were
likely built in the same prodution run...  It COULD have been a "short" in
the antenna coax, but i have no real evidence that there was, besides, the
same setup is now hooked to my senao, and hasnt shorted it out yet...

I think we will find the list divided on the Zcomax/Senao question,
obviously 2 very fine 802.11b cards that make excellant Access Points.  My
vote is for Senao, but I like the Zcomax to.


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