List consensus: best bang/buck PCMCIA card for HostAP usage?

HostAP Developer HostAP-developer
Sat Mar 6 19:14:51 PST 2004

<quote who="Marty Galyean">
> I'd like the list's consenus on the best bang/buck PCMCIA card for
> HostAP usage.
> Thanks!
> Marty

That's going to depend on your definition of "bang" and maybe even
"Regulatory Agency."

If "bang"="TX Power" and "Regulatory Agency"="FCC" then I believe there
are only 2 choices; Senao or Zcomax.  Both offer 200mW cards using
Prism2.5 chipsets, come rebranded from other companies and are supported
by Host AP.  In my research I learned that both are extremely good cards,
but they have one significant difference:
1) Senao cards come in 2 flavors; integrated PCB patch antenna OR external
antenna via two MMCX jacks.
2) Zcomax cards have a detachable diversity antenna via two MMCX (Reverse
Polarity) jacks...  which means you can choose which antenna type you want
to use.

I chose the SMC2532W-B (Zcomax) which can be acquired for approximately
US$60.  These cards have an excellent history in my APs and give me great
design flexibility.

KC Ferguson

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