Allow traffic between (some) associtated stations, otherwise deny

Jan Rovner jan.rovner
Sat Mar 6 07:46:09 PST 2004

Hi everybody,
can someone recommend me how to solve quite simple problem.
Assume simple setup: 
single wireless interface (wlan0), hostap in master mode,
AP adress is, 
stations use,,,
I want to by default deny traffic between all stations, i.e:
iw_priv wlan0 ap_bridge_packets 0
however, I need to allow several stations to communicate together
(i.e. should be able to talk with
Any solutions?
I've tried to:
1) iw_priv wlan0 ap_bridge_packets 1
2) iptables -A FORWARD -s -d -j DROP
to stop the traffic between station 2 and 3 but it did nothing
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