Ad-hoc (IBSS) vs Infrastructure BSS mode

Motonori Shindo mshindo
Thu Mar 4 00:14:46 PST 2004


I'm sorry to ask you about the following thing here because it is
completely off topic of this mailing list, but I'd love to hear an
advice from many 802.11 authorities joining this mailing list.

I am doing some research on qualitative and quantitative comparison
between ad-hoc (IBSS) mode and Infrastructure BSS mode of 802.11
network. I do see a couple of inherent differences between them such
as number of stations allowed in the network, easiness of enforcing
certain security policy, power saving capability, etc. I'm also
interested in pitfalls in one mode that doesn't exist in the
other. I'd like to study more and discuss these topics. If anyone here
knows any pointers (mailing lists, literatures, etc.), please let me
know. Many Thanks.


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