two hostap cards

Joshua Szmajda josh
Wed Mar 3 12:33:25 PST 2004

Perhaps I should add some information:

I can configure the cards separately without a problem (iwconfig wlan0 
or wlan1 works fine). I'm also not trying to get the cards to speak to 
each other, just to two distinct networks. I can't seem to find any logs 
of anything happening at all when I try to associate with either AP 
(iwevent is silent). Is there any way to turn on more debugging? Has 
anyone set up something like this before?


Joshua Szmajda wrote:

> Hey all,
> I've got a machine setup with a 2.6.3 kernel and the latest stable
> hostap. It has two yenta socket pcmcia-pci adapters, and two Zcomax
> XI-325H 200mW cards.
> I've been having difficulty getting the two cards to work together. The
> setup I'd like to have is one or two essid's on one or two channels
> (preferably one and one, I'm having the cards point in opposite
> directions via directional antennas and shielding). I can associate with
> a card (in master mode) when there's only one card inserted, but when I
> have two, I can't associate.
> Any pointers?
> Thanks!
> -Joshua Szmajda

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