David Goodenough david.goodenough
Wed Mar 3 11:05:07 PST 2004

On Wednesday 03 March 2004 18:28, Jean Tourrilhes wrote:
> David Goodenough wrote :
> > Sorry I should have been more specific.  I am interested in point to
> > point ad-hoc links, or rather reacting them them being active or
> > not.
> 	Yes, I know. What I'm saying is that this is NOT what IEEE
> 802.11 Ad-Hoc mode is about, so don't expect it to match your
> requirements. I think WDS mode would be a better fit, because WDS
> explicitely specify the end of the PtP link.
> 	Regards,

I have obviously missed out on WDS.  Could you point me to a good
definition of WDS and its use.  Google turns up hundreds of products
which provide WDS.



> 	Jean
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