David Goodenough david.goodenough
Tue Mar 2 13:00:52 PST 2004

On Tuesday 02 March 2004 17:55, Jean Tourrilhes wrote:
> David Goodenough wrote :
> > Ad-hoc mode is is the one I am particularly interested in, and I suppose
> > that my definition is that traffic can flow.
> 	A valid ad-hoc network may comprise from a single node to a
> very large number of nodes. Any node of the ad-hoc network may come
> and go independantly. So, the interesting question is "the traffic can
> flow to which node ?".
> 	Regards,
> 	Jean
Sorry I should have been more specific.  I am interested in point to 
point ad-hoc links, or rather reacting them them being active or


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